Visit TLED’s Teaching Online Continuity Guide to find resources and support for transitioning courses to a virtual learning environment. Collegewide updates are available on the Austin Community College COVID-19 webpage.

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Students and instructor in an audio engineering classroom

Reserve Equipment

Faculty may reserve equipment by submitting an online form. To pick up equipment find the Media Center at your ACC campus: see locations and hours for ACC Media Centers.

None of the check out equipment is available for off campus activities, hotel conferences, etc. Contact a Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist for exceptions.

If you need an orientation to the equipment, the Faculty & Instructional Support Specialist at your campus is available to assist you. Media and classroom technology help and support is available by submitting the Request Media Help online form.

Equipment Check Out Rules

  • Equipment may only be checked out by staff or faculty. Hourlies and work-studies cannot check out equipment.
  • Equipment is for on-campus use only and may not be taken off campus.
  • Equipment is for daily use only—no overnight check outs.
  • The staff or faculty member checking out equipment may permit students to use the equipment if they are directly supervising the usage.

Reserve Equipment

Classroom equipment for checkout

  • Laptops: Please note that laptops are not available for off-campus. Due to insurance liability issues, these laptops are not available for off-campus use, only for on-campus use only.
  • Cameras and tripods.
  • Document cameras.
  • Projectors and Screens.
  • DVD Players: Video can be played either from the computer DVD player or a separate DVD player.
  • Overhead projectors.
  • Portable public address systems (PA).
  • Video projector remotes, pointers and wireless advancer remotes. Remote advancers will forward your Power Point slides without having to stand next to the computer.