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ACC Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions – Faculty Values Framework

The Faculty Values Framework provides faculty an opportunity to reflect upon the many aspects of their faculty work, especially those on which they have been particularly focused. Although teaching and grading are a huge part of faculty work, there are many others.

Many of these components are addressed in the ACC Faculty Values, which were created by the faculty to provide some guiding principles for the wide variety of faculty work. Each value and its accompanying clarifying statement capture a particular facet of this work. These can be used to consider which part of your work to consider for this framework.

The list below suggests several aspects of ACC faculty work, the associated faculty value, and some possible examples of that value in action:

  • Enhancements to teaching (Faculty Value: Teaching)
      • incorporating active/collaborative learning into lectures or learning activities
      • significantly redesigning a course
      • adding service learning into a course
      • developing OER materials for a course
      • creating more low-stakes assessments
      • completing the Teaching and Learning Academy and implementing new teaching strategies.
  • Use of culturally responsive and equity practices (Faculty Value: Inclusion)
      • implementing culturally responsive teaching and materials into a course
      • designing and supporting learning experiences that address students’ unique strengths and/or needs
      • revising all course materials so that they are accessible for all students or studying and implementing
      • universal design principles
      • examining your own biases and the implications of that for teaching practices
      • completing and reflecting on ACC’s Equity Certification.
  • Continued pursuit of expertise in your teaching field and the scholarship of teaching and learning (Faculty Value: Scholarship)
      • publishing scholarly work
      • presenting at conferences
      • developing departmental curriculum
      • revising teaching practices to include evidence-based and current teaching and learning practices
      • participating in a Faculty Interest Group or Faculty Learning Community.
  • Collaboration with others within the College and the community to support student success or other college goals (Faculty Value: Collaboration)
      • collaborating with other faculty to address a college or department need
      • working with other departments to improve ACC student outcomes
      • mentoring other faculty
      • sharing resources and expertise with faculty teaching new courses.
  • Engagement in department, college, or professional service (Faculty Value: Service)
      • chairing or contributing significant work to a department or collegewide committee or task force
      • participating in a community project as an ACC representative
      • advising students
      • being a student club advisor
      • completing the Service Academy
      • leading Faculty Senate or the Adjunct Faculty Association
      • undertaking a project that requires significant time and contributes to ACC or your department
      • having leadership role in a professional organization related to your teaching discipline

The faculty value of empowerment guides all the areas of work mentioned above. As educators, we use our academic freedom to focus on designing and creating the student learning experience.

Discuss one aspect of faculty work that you have chosen to focus on and to which you have dedicated time. Explain what attracted you to that issue, how this aspect of your work has been guided by the associated faculty value(s), and how you have spent your time on it. What are your goals for this work, what have you achieved so far, and what challenges have you encountered with this? The format in which you answer this is up to you. A few short paragraphs could be sufficient.

Please Note: During their first three years at ACC, faculty are encouraged to concentrate on exemplary teaching as well as inclusion and equity practices. As faculty grow in familiarity with ACC’s culture, it is expected that the work of faculty will expand to include the other aspects noted above. Optionally, faculty in their first three years may choose to develop a statement of teaching philosophy instead, if approved by the department.

Your Faculty Values Framework

What aspect of your faculty work at ACC are you reflecting upon?
Are there other faculty values you incorporated as you completed this work? Explain.
Please explain some of the actions you have taken in your pursuit of this work, your goals for it, and how you have spent your time on it. Also, what have you achieved so far and what challenges have you encountered with this?

Submit Feedback for the Faculty Values Framework


For any questions, please email Marcus McGuff at or Gale Spear at To submit feedback on the proposed faculty evaluation components, please use the submit feedback links listed on the page.